Friday 26 April 2019

Build Bot using LUIS


  1. Hi Karthik... Thanks for the excellent post. I was able to do the QnAmaker(the other blog) following your guidelines. I'm stuck at Step 23 in this. When I try to chat, I get error 'Connection refused'. I have given the log below.

    [06:16:11]Emulator listening on http://localhost:63678
    [06:16:11]ngrok not configured (only needed when connecting to remotely hosted bots)
    [06:16:11]Connecting to bots hosted remotely
    [06:16:11]Edit ngrok settings

    I was wondering if I have to build the c# file after the changes in .bot file. I guess No. Then I noticed below 'warning' in the bottom bar.

    'BotFrameworkOptions.State' is obsolete: 'This property is no longer used by the framework. Please see documentation for more details.' (CS0618) [NLP-With-Dispatch-Bot]

    It pointed to line 123 in Startup.cs => options.State.Add(conversationState);

    Is this the reason?

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Build Bot using LUIS